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Change the World Discussion Group Today- The Ultimate Life

Today’s Discussion Group was was focused around Jim Stovall’s book, The Ultimate Life.  The premise of the book is to teach 12 life lessons through the story of Jason Stevens, a young man whom inherited billions of dollars from his grandfather.  The rest of the family is not happy with this so they drag him… Continue reading Change the World Discussion Group Today- The Ultimate Life

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Reading For Life

The Bible Personality Plus– Littauer And Justice For All– Woodward Financial Fitness– LIFE Leadership Essential Series Resolved: 13 Resolutions For Life– Woodward The Slight Edge– Olson How to Win Friends and Influence People- Carnegie The Serious Power of Fun- LIFE Leadership Essential Series Luther’s Catechism- Luther The Five Love Languages– Chapman The Federalist Papers- Hamilton,… Continue reading Reading For Life

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A Culture of Negativity

Do you spend any time around negative people?  Where do the negative people in your life congregate?  It’s tough if the most negative people in your life are family.  That might be the most unpleasant place where a negative culture surfaces.  Usually in negative family environments, the biggest problem is the fact that that culture… Continue reading A Culture of Negativity

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Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever been around someone with a low EQ (emotional quotient)?  That isn’t very much fun.  Few things can destroy a relationship faster than someone not being in control of their emotions.  Emotionally unstable people cannot lead.  How can you follow someone whose emotions, and attitude, change from minute-to-minute? People with a low EQ… Continue reading Emotional Intelligence

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Quitting- The Failure’s Game

Quitting is one of the most dangerous habits to develop, and make no mistake-QUITTING is a habit.  I know I personally suffered from the quitting disease much of my life.  I quit baseball and football in high school, I have quit on friendships, I have even quit on past businesses.  I am very familiar with… Continue reading Quitting- The Failure’s Game

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Why You Should Join The LIFE Community

It will help you learn how to learn. It will help you build deeper and fuller relationships. It allows you to build a business with your spouse, family, and friends. It helps people improve their lives in any of the 8F’s. It empowers you to ask questions, not just accept what somebody else says as… Continue reading Why You Should Join The LIFE Community