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Financial Fitness Workshop

Break FREE from the Financial Matrix! Offense Invest in you! Increase your income! Defense Get out of Debt and Stay out of Debt! Master the Basics! The Playing Field Educate yourself on the Financial Matrix! The destructive force of Fiat Money! The fraudulent practices of the Fractional-Reserve Banking System! Dates & Time 10- Week Workshop Thursday … Continue reading Financial Fitness Workshop

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The Financial Fitness Program

LIFE Leadership has recently expanded the tools available with the Financial Fitness Program.  It is now more than just a pack of information.  Interestingly, with just the Financial Fitness Pack it was already the premier financial program in the world.  Hundreds of people, over the last 3 years, have gotten debt free and financially free… Continue reading The Financial Fitness Program

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A Way Point For Freedom: Independence Day 2015

As we finish celebrating the Independence Day weekend in the United States there are some serious questions that need to be answered, and some serious topics that need to be addressed if Freedom is to win out over the next 18-24 months. First some questions: How much more damage can the Obama administration do to… Continue reading A Way Point For Freedom: Independence Day 2015

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Change the World Discussion Group Today- The Ultimate Life

Today’s Discussion Group was was focused around Jim Stovall’s book, The Ultimate Life.  The premise of the book is to teach 12 life lessons through the story of Jason Stevens, a young man whom inherited billions of dollars from his grandfather.  The rest of the family is not happy with this so they drag him… Continue reading Change the World Discussion Group Today- The Ultimate Life