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Are You Developing Shepherds, or Leading Sheep?

There is a world of difference between leading, and developing leaders.  “Leadership development” has become an organizational buzzword over the last fifteen years, or so, but few people are truly doing it.  Many pay it lip-service, but few are investing time and resources into it.  Too many “leaders” mistakenly think that training people to competently… Continue reading Are You Developing Shepherds, or Leading Sheep?

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2016 Change the World Book List

January:  The Financial Matrix– Woodward February:  Freedom Matters– DeMille March:  Wave Makers– Leadership Essential Series April:  Secrets of Closing the Sale- Ziglar May:  And Justice for All– Woodward June:  The Coming Aristocracy– DeMille July:  Rascal– Brady August:  See You At the Top- Ziglar September:  Launching A Leadership Revolution & Workbook– Brady/Woodward October:  FreedomShift– DeMille November:… Continue reading 2016 Change the World Book List

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A Way Point For Freedom: Independence Day 2015

As we finish celebrating the Independence Day weekend in the United States there are some serious questions that need to be answered, and some serious topics that need to be addressed if Freedom is to win out over the next 18-24 months. First some questions: How much more damage can the Obama administration do to… Continue reading A Way Point For Freedom: Independence Day 2015

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2015 Reading List

The Slight Edge– Olson The Greatest Salesman In the World– Mandino The Leadership Train– Woodward We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident– DeMille And Justice For All– Woodward EDGY Conversations– Waldschmidt How to Have Confidence and Power In Dealing With People– Giblin Attitude Is Everything– Keller The Magic of Thinking Big– Schwartz Courage: The Backbone… Continue reading 2015 Reading List

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The Importance of A Leadership Culture

It amazes me how many successful small businesses don’t value leadership development at every level of their company.  A manufacturing company that I have recently spoken with declined my services because the president didn’t believe that his people would be open to an on-going leadership development program.  This is what he believed about all his… Continue reading The Importance of A Leadership Culture