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A Sense of Urgency

Tonight I found myself, as I often can be found at the end of the day, watching a movie with a notebook and pen in hand.  Originally the pen and notebook were to simply write out an outline for a book that is merely an idea, currently.  Something unexpected happened as I watched the last half-hour of the movie with two questions written before me:  my thoughts turned to my son.  I started thinking about how he lives every day.  He turns 4 next Monday, but he tries to live every day as if it might be his last.  He literally tries to get every second of playing out of every day.

What I started wondering is:  at what age to we lose that sense of urgency to live every second, of every day, to its fullest?  Why is it that a four-year old lives his life as if today is his last day, yet at 40 years old I can get caught in the trap of living today as if tomorrow is guaranteed?  What happened to my sense of urgency?  I remember being a boy and having that same approach to life that my son lives his life with.  I was so productive…so creative.  Where did that urgency go to, and how do I get it back?

Action and communication are the key.  Action is the key to feeling alive.  When you’re doing you don’t have time to over-analyze everything and to talk yourself out of doing it.  At some point you just simply have to get to work.  Even if what you’re doing is wrong, at least you’ll know.  It’s much easier to make corrections when you’re doing something wrong than it is when you’re not doing anything at all.  Action is where you feel the clock ticking and experience a rebirth of urgency.  That rebirth of your sense of urgency will make you more productive than you have been in a long time. Welcome to the ZONE!

Communication is the critical component.  Start talking about your ideas with anybody who will listen:  your spouse, a parent, a sibling, your best friend, any friend, anyone who will listen to you.  Talking about your ideas helps you to find like-minded people who are going in the same direction as you in life.  When you identify these people bring them together in a Mastermind group (see Think and Grow Rich-N. Hill).  Meet together regularly, I prefer once-a-week, but you do what works for you.  Discuss ideas when you meet with your Mastermind group.  Help each other bring the best ideas to life.

The other advantage to talking about your ideas is that it gets you out of your head.  When you hear yourself speak ideas out loud you hear them differently than when they’re kicking around inside your head.  Getting stuck in you own head is the quickest way to kill action and your sense of urgency.  So I encourage you, start talking about your ideas, even the bad ones.  Just open your mouth and let them start flying out.  Unleash your ideas on the world, I Dare You!

God bless

Jason Fredrick


One thought on “A Sense of Urgency

  1. you are right. That little boy is so involved with his play every that it is difficult to get him to take time out for a meal. He has things to do now.


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