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This is the formula that all successful people use, to succeed at anything.  The problem for most people is that we have been taught this formula backwards.  The conveyor belt schooling systems teaches:  Do-Learn-Define (pick a job that you want to DO, Learn how to do that job, then it will define your lifestyle for the rest of your life.)  This isn’t by accident.  People who have a dream are always dissatisfied with a job.  So obviously, the state-run schools must beat the dreams out of the masses so as to develop good little employees.

Enough of that.  What I want to talk about here is the DEFINE step.  Notice that this formula starts with Define.  There’s a reason for that:  if you don’t define the life you want, you’ll have to settle for the life the world gives you.  I have four steps that I think will help you get started right, that will help you clarify your personal DEFINE.

  1. Define, in meticulous detail, what you want.
  2. Identify someone who already has those results (use this person as your role model).
  3. Define the vital behaviors required to accomplish your dream.
  4. Develop a Personal Development Program to take you there:  Who do you need to become?

I hope that this helps you to get started, more effectively,  in the process of chasing your dreams.

God bless

Jason Fredrick


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