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At Jason Fredrick Leadership, our approach to education is quite different than the approach taken by the state-run schooling system. We begin the process by getting to know the student, as an individual, and learning where he/she wants to go in life. We first get an understanding of what the student wants their life to look like, long term. Once the long-term view is defined, then we develop a curriculum to help the student move in that direction. It is more effective to help a child discover their God-given purpose if we stay focused on his strengths, and areas of interest. This does not avoid the sometimes difficult task of learning in areas outside of his passions and interests. Sometimes it is necessary to study certain topics that are outside the immediate areas of interest. It does ensure, however, that your child is not being bogged down by countless hours of learning things that they will never use.

The key is to have a proper balance. The focus of study varies with each student. That’s the point of a self-directed education, each student walks their own path. The path is never exactly the same for any two people. It’s insane to try to force every child down the same path. If you are ready to recognize your child as a special, rare, individual it’s time to get him/her off the conveyor belt, and get them started on a self-directed leadership education. Your child is worth it!

Jason Fredrick


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