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An Investment Mindset

What comes to mind, immediately, when you hear that word- Investment?  Does your mind immediately go to finances?  That is definitely where we use that word the most, but it isn’t the only place where it applies.  You can invest any resource into anything.  For the sake of this discussion I am going to define investment this way:
An investment is leveraging any resource for the purpose of a greater return.

What are some common resources that we can, and do, leverage?

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Words
  4. Yourself
  5. Energy

What are some things that we can, or should, be investing in?

  1. Our financial futures/security.
  2. Relationships: God, family, friends, co-workers, business partners, basically anyone and everyone.
  3. Our education.
  4. Our own business.
  5. The young adults in our communities.

That’s just a short list.  I’m sure you can come up with alot more.  Feel free to share any that are important to you.

This brings us to the Investment Mindset.  Just what the heck does that mean?  The Investment Mindset is a way of looking at life, understanding that there is a difference between spending your resources and investing them. Spending is transactional (I’m not sure if that is actually a word).  Investing is leverage.

When you spend your resources you give up something to get something that you want more.  Once you spend a resource it’s gone, it’s never coming back.  This understanding can lead to fear and a scarcity mentality.  A scarcity mentality is mentally crippling.  It causes people to horde what little bit they have.  They focus on themselves, and what they have, afraid that somebody might try get something that they possess. People who suffer from a scarcity mentality are constantly talking about what other people have, they talk alot about how much things cost.  The biggest problem for people with a scarcity mentality is that they think there is a limited supply of everything.  The only thing that I can think of that is truly limited is time.  We have each only been given so much, and none of us knows how much we’ve been given or how much we have left.  People with a scarcity mentality never really accomplish much in life, because once they accomplish something, or get something, they spend an incredible amount of energy focusing on making sure that they don’t lose that thing.

Now contrast that with the Investment Mindset. The Investment Mindset is an abundance mentality.  An abundance mentality opens the mind to possibilities.  It causes people to ask the question, “How can I do more with the resources that I currently have?”  This doesn’t necessarily mean money, it can but it doesn’t always.  Usually this approach to life causes people to look for ways of leveraging their resources through serving others.  Serving others always pays big dividends.
People with an abundance mentality are always looking for ways to invest more into themselves as well.  Investing time and money into their own education.  They don’t look at the price of a book, or an educational audio, or a seminar.  They ask, “What wisdom will I gain from this to help me develop into the leader I need to be?  What will I learn that I can implement immediately into my life?”

The Investment Mindset empowers people to live life to its fullest, everyday.  People with a scarcity mentality are practically dead already.

You can chose how you view the world.  Choose wisely.

God bless
Jason Fredrick


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