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Reading For Life

  1. The Bible
  2. Personality Plus– Littauer
  3. And Justice For All– Woodward
  4. Financial Fitness– LIFE Leadership Essential Series
  5. Resolved: 13 Resolutions For Life– Woodward
  6. The Slight Edge– Olson
  7. How to Win Friends and Influence People- Carnegie
  8. The Serious Power of Fun- LIFE Leadership Essential Series
  9. Luther’s Catechism- Luther
  10. The Five Love Languages– Chapman
  11. The Federalist Papers- Hamilton, Madison, Jay
  12. Rich Dad, Poor Dad– Kiyosaki
  13. Launching A Leadership Revolution– Woodward/Brady
  14. Body Confidence– MacDonald
  15. The Friendship Factor- McGinnis
  16. The Happiness Advantage
  17. The Dream Giver– Wilkinson
  18. Love & Respect– Eggerichs
  19. 1913- DeMille
  20. The CashFlow Quadrant– Kiyosaki
  21. Rascal- Brady
  22. The Power of Full Engagement– Loehr/Schwartz
  23. Bringing Out the Best In People– McGinnis
  24. The Ultimate Gift– Stovall
  25. Visioneering– Stanley
  26. Bringing Up Boys– Dobson
  27. The Creature From Jekyll Island- Griffin
  28. The E-Myth Revisited– Gerber
  29. Turn the Page– LIFE Leadership Essential Series
  30. Psycho-Cybernetics– Maltz
  31. Be A People Person– Maxwell
  32. A Christmas Carol- Dickens
  33. Answers Book 1- Ham
  34. The Anatomy of Peace– The Arbinger Institute
  35. Freedom Shift- DeMille
  36. Increase Your Financial IQ– Kiyosaki
  37. Toughen Up– Hamilton
  38. I Dare You– Danforth
  39. Attitude Is Everything– Keller
  40. Bleak House- Dickens
  41. Answers Book 2– Ham
  42. Point Man– Farrar
  43. Leader Shift– Woodward/DeMille
  44. The Go-Giver– Burg/Mann
  45. Confidence of A Champion– Marks
  46. Body For Life- Phillips
  47. The Difference Maker– Maxwell
  48. Pride and Prejudice- Austen
  49. Answers Book 3– Ham
  50. Whale Done– Blanchard
  51. The Coming Aristocracy– DeMille
  52. Think, And Grow Rich– Hill
  53. The Radical Leap Re-Energized– Farber
  54. Eat That Frog– Tracy
  55. The Five Languages of Apology– Chapman
  56. The Merchant of Venice- Shakespeare
  57. Spiritual Depression– Lloyd-Jones
  58. UnCommon- Dungy
  59. A Thomas Jefferson Education– DeMille
  60. The Richest Man In Babylon– Clason
  61. EDGY Conversations– Waldschmidt
  62. Power to the People– Tsatsouline
  63. Encouragement: The Key to Caring– Crabb/Allender
  64. 1984- Orwell
  65. Footprints In Time– O’Leary
  66. When Sinners Say I Do– Harvey
  67. The 5000 Year Leap– Skousen
  68. UnFair Advantage- Kiyosaki
  69. Courage: The Backbone of Leadership– Lee
  70. The Ant and the Elephant– Poscente
  71. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People– Covey
  72. The Screwtape Letters– Lewis
  73. PAiLS– Brady
  74. The DNA of Relationships– Smalley
  75. Dumbing Us Down- Gatto
  76. The Business of the 21st Century– Kiyosaki
  77. The Magic of Thinking Big– Schwartz
  78. What to Say When You Talk To Yourself– Helmstetter
  79. The Power of Respect– Norville
  80. The Prince and the Pauper- Twain

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