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Have You Had Enough Yet?

Have you had enough of the conveyor belt yet?  Are you sick of Common Core and its evolution and socialist agendas?  How about early childhood programs and the blatant agendas of the mass media?  How many hours of t.v. do your kids watch anyway?  How many hours are you in front of the idiot box?

We can look back over the last four decades and see the results of this education.  It doesn’t look too pretty.  With adults from ages 20-65 moving back in with their parents because they can’t cut it on their own, to a rising number of people that don’t even consider marriage (despite living together as husband and wife), to the nonchalant murdering of babies.  Clearly our nation is suffering from a deficiency in morality.  Where does this start?  How does the once greatest nation in the world sink so low?

To me it’s obvious where all of this started- the early years of the 1900’s.  With the explosion of the Industrial Revolution, the birth of the Federal Reserve, the battle for Women’s Rights, and the birth of the Public School system, as we know it today.

The Industrial Revolution seduced people off the farms and into urban areas.  The mass of society sold their entrepreneurial roots for the promise of a steady paycheck, a fat pension, and social security benefits for life.  Essentially, what Americans did at this time was give up ownership for slavery.  They stopped educating themselves and paying attention to what was going on.  They left all of that up to the Giants of Business and the Government.  After all, the wealthy elite would never intentionally do anything to hurt regular folk…would they?

Yes.  They would…and they did.  That paycheck addiction turned a nation of independents into a nation of slaves.  The promise of a pension and Social Security Benefits created a nation of dependent entitlement babies.  Schooling became job training and education was thrown out the window; we can’t have people thinking for themselves and questioning what’s going on in business and government.  All of this was intentional, and is a significant part of what is causing our problems today.

The birth of the Federal Reserve.  This is the greatest contributor to the problems the world is facing right now.  Not only is the Fed contributing, but they are actually causing most of the problems.  The Federal Reserve was established in 1913 by the 8 wealthiest banks in the world.  It was created as a tool to steal the wealth of the citizens of the world, not just Americans.  One hundred years later they have proven to be quite effective at doing just that.  You don’t have to look very far to see the impact of the Federal Reserve: the US, Canada, Japan, China, Russia, Italy, Greece, England, France.  Do you need any more examples?
The Federal Reserve has created a currency bubble that is about to pop, and take the major world economies down with it.  If you have debt, you are going to find out the true meaning of financial hardships over the next 12-18 months.  We are on the verge of the next Great Depression, you need to get out of debt right now.  When the currency bubble pops you are going to lose everything that you owe money on.

The battle for women’s rights is interesting to me. Why was the Rockefeller Foundation one of the biggest financial supporters of this movement?  What could billionaires possibly have to gain by getting Mom out of the house and into the workforce?  Oh yeah, they would get the children.  Just as Karl Marx had said decades before,  somehow our state run schools weren’t teaching that in history class.  Karl Marx’s statement was, “Give me the hearts of the children and I will rule the world.”  We now get to see the power of that statement, as the state totally controls and dictates what is, and isn’t, taught in American schools.  We are feeling the effects of six-plus decades of the state’s monopoly of education in this country.  All because 100 years ago women, suffering from the Eve Syndrome, decided that they needed to have the same role as men in their relationships and in society.  Satan is well versed on how to play this card.  He leverages pride like no one else.  The Women’s Rights movement was just a re-run of what happened in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3).

This brings us to the birth of the public school system (conveyor belt).  The state controlling the schools is a totally ridiculous idea in a truly free nation.  Requiring a license from the state to teach is totally absurd.  Anyone who feels called to teach, is capable of doing so.  They don’t need verification from the state.  The problem is the false premise that conveyor belt schools operate under:  that one person can educate another.  No one can educate another person.  We can only educate ourselves.  Oliver DeMille says it this way:
Teachers teach and students educate.
Only students can educate themselves.  That’s why schools primarily produce slaves that don’t know how to think for themselves.  They have to rely on the experts to tell them what to think about anything, and everything.This is how modern schools are set up.  The teacher stands at the head of the class and tells the students what to think about any given subject.  All the students are given a textbook that waters down the learning and the students are never challenged to read and dig deeper into the subject they are studying.  This is hard work.  Teachers certainly don’t want to work this hard.  Their union says they don’t have to.  If students were to really dig into, and study, the subjects they are “studying” in school, that would mean that the teachers would have to dig in just as hard.  Most teachers will never read a book after leaving college.  Let that sink in for a minute.  Your child’s teacher has most likely never read a book, cover-to-cover, after college.  What could they possibly have to offer your children?

As you can see my passion is Freedom and Education.  Ironically, you can’t have one without the other.  I strongly encourage you to get yourself and your children off the conveyor belt.  Our world needs educated leaders, not more mindless slaves.

Jason Fredrick
JFL Education Solutions


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