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100 Classics List

JFL 100 Classics

1. Resolved- Woodward
2. The Magic of Thinking Big- Schwartz
3. A Thomas Jefferson Education- DeMille

5. PAiLS- Brady
6. The Ant and the Elephant- Poscente
7. Attitude Is Everything- Keller
8. Confidence of A Champion- Marks
9. Toughen Up- Hamilton
10. The Dream Giver- Wilkinson
11. Rascal- Brady
12. Financial Fitness- LIFE Leadership
13. The Cashflow Quandrant- Kiyosaki
14. The 5000 Year Leap- Skousen
15. Personality Plus- Littauer
16. LeaderShift- DeMille/Woodward
17. Wave Makers- LIFE Leadership
18. The Anatomy of Peace- The Arbinger Institute
19. Courage: The Backbone of Leadership- Lee
20. The Five Love Languages- Chapman
21. The Radical Leap Re-Energized- Farber
22. The Slight Edge- Olson
23. How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success In Selling- Bettger
24. Think and Grow Rich- Hill
25. Luther’s Catechism- Luther
26. A Christmas Carol- Dickens
27. The Creature From Jekyll Island- Griffin
28. Turn the Page- LIFE Leadership
29. The Closing of the American Mind- Bloom
30. Man’s Search for Meaning- Frankl
31. 1913- DeMille
32. The Federalist Papers- Madison, Hamilton, Jay
33. Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning- DeMille/DeMille
34. The Republic and the Laws- Cicero
35. Launching A Leadership Revolution- Brady/Woodward
36. The U.S. Constitution
37. The Declaration of Independence
38. Conspiracy of the Rich- Kiyosaki
39. The Coming Aristocracy- DeMille
40. Rich Kid, Smart Kid- Kiyosaki
41. Dumbing Us Down- Gatto
42. The Road to Serfdom- Hayek
43. Already Compromised- Hamm/Hall
44. The Rights of Man- Paine
45. 1984- Orwell
46. 1776- McCullough
47. Freedom Shift- DeMille
48. Unfair Advantage- Kiyosaki
49. The Odyssey- Homer
50. Democracy In America- de Tocqueville
51. Rich Dad, Poor Dad- Kiyosaki
52. Visioneering- Stanley
53. Eat That Frog- Tracy
54. See You At the Top- Ziglar
55. Peaks and Valleys- Johnson
56. The Power of Full Engagement- Loehr/Schwartz
57. Body Confidence- MacDonald
58. Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court- Wooden
59. The Screwtape Letters- Lewis
60. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People- Covey
61. Leadership and Self-Deception- The Arbinger Insitute
62. EDGY Conversations- Waldschmidt
63. The E-Myth Revisited- Gerber
64. The Ultimate Life- Stovall
65. Psycho-Cybernetics- Maltz
66. The Greatest Miracle In the World- Mandino
67. Pride and Prejudice- Austen
68. Love & Respect- Eggerichs
69. The Centurion Principles- O’Leary
70. The Richest Man In Babylon- Clason
71. Live Your Dreams- Brown
72. The Go-Giver- Burg/Mann
73. Outliers- Gladwell
74. Talent Is Overrated- Colvin
75. UnCommon- Dungy
76. The Greatest Salesman In the World- Mandino
77. Footprints In Time- O’Leary
78. Master Key To Riches- Hill
79. Answers Book Series- AiG
80. Point Man- Farrar
81. How To Win Friends and Influence People- Carnegie
82. Leadership and Liberty- Brady/Woodward
83. Increase Your Financial IQ- Kiyosaki
84. We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident- DeMille
85. A Tale of Two Cities- Dickens
86. 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership- Maxwell
87. How to Have Confidence and Power In Dealing With People- Giblin
88. Mentoring Matters- LIFE Leadership
89. Common Sense- Paine
90. First Things First- Covey
91. The Tipping Point- Gladwell
92. I Dare You- Danforth
93. Spiritual Depression- Lloyd-Jones
94. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
95. Signing Their Lives Away- Kiernan/D’Agnese
96. Game Plan For Life- Gibbs
97. Lincoln on Leadership- Phillips
98. Robert E. Lee on Leadership- Crocker III
99. The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle- Hunter
100. The One Minute Manager- Blanchard

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