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Be A Professional

In the LIFE Leadership business, we have a term called PBO.  PBO stands for Professional Business Owner.  There is a simple 4-step process to go from brand new to being a PBO.  To be recognized as a PBO in LIFE Leadership, all you have to do is make four simple decisions that simply involve the business owner to do something through his LIFE website, i.e. enroll in the Marketing System.  The thing that seems to get lost in this process, however, is that there are some vital behaviors that coincide with each of the 4 steps of the PBO program.  I am going to take some time here and walk through the mindset, and vital behaviors, of each step.

Step 1:  Enroll

There is more to enrolling than just filling out the Member Application.
1.  When you enroll, you get a pack of LIFE materials- 1 book, 3 cd’s, access to the next 4 Tuesday Open meetings, and 2 tickets to the next Seminar.
2.  Read the LIFE book.  YOU PAID FOR IT!
3.  Listen to the cd’s.  YOU PAID FOR THEM!
4.  Attend ALL 4 Tuesday Open meetings  YOU PAID FOR THEM!
5.  Attend the next Seminar.  YOU PAID FOR IT!
It amazes me how many people, after enrolling as a LIFE member, will not attend any of the Tuesday Opens or the seminar.  Nothing in the LIFE Business Starter Kit is free, you paid for it all.  Remember that $99.99?Everything in the Starter Kit is part of that.

Step 2:  Total Access

Total Access is simply subscribing to the LIFE Library and LIFE Live.  This gets you access to all of the Tuesday Open meeting and the monthly seminar.
1.  Arrive early.  If you are not there when the doors open, you are late.
2.  Do not save seats or ask a team member to save you a seat.  Instead save your character and get there on time.
3.  Be conscientious of your hygiene.  Control your B.O. to the best of your ability, brush your teeth, have gum or breath spray handy.
4.  Dress appropriately.  You’re at a business meeting…look professional.
5.  Be engaging.  Shake hands and introduce yourself.
6.  Attend EVERYTHING you qualify for.

Step 3:  Marketing System

The LIFE Marketing System is the how-to teaching of how to build a multi-million dollar LIFE Business.  This is also the system that allows LIFE members to own a “B” business.
1.  The LIFE Training website is full of tools to build your business, know that website and be familiar with the tools available.
2.  Promote the LIFE Training website.
3.  Listen to your LT cd’s when they come.
4.  Promote and hand out the LT cd’s.
5.  Go Club 180 EVERY month.

Step 4:  200 PV

This step is simply using the LIFE materials yourself and generating customers that want to use LIFE’s life-changing information.
1.  Read at least 15 minutes/day.
2.  Listen to at least 3 cd’s/day.
3.  Share books and cd’s with people to help them think through problems they are having in their life.
4.  If money is tight, get a Financial Fitness pack and start figuring it out.  Be a Professional and invest in your business and in yourself.

I’m sure there are more behaviors that could be added to each of these steps, but if you will just do what I have listed here you won’t just be a PBO on your computer screen.  You truly will be a professional.  It’s just a mindset.

God bless
Jason Fredrick


3 thoughts on “Be A Professional

  1. It's interesting that you only associate LIFE Leadership with ” Be A Professional”. It isn't a bad idea for you, regardless of your business, to become a professional.
    Many of the points in this article apply universally. But, according to Theodore Sturgeon, only about 10% will apply them; and actually become a professional at whatever it is they do.


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