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The Meek

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the Earth.  Matthew 5:5

This seems counter-intuitive.  Isn’t it just common sense that the powerful rule the earth?  How could the meek rule anything?

This is a common misconception in our world today.  In an age where the meanings of words are constantly changed so as to hide what people are really saying when they speak; the word “meek” has certainly lost much of it’s actual meaning.  Today, meek means weak.  What does the word ‘meek’ actually mean?

Meek really means:  someone who is slow to anger, loving, caring, slow to speak, forgiving, empathic.  While some people today would consider many of these traits weaknesses,  Jesus clearly does not.  These are the characteristics of someone who is strong, self-confident.  It requires a high self-esteem and a lot of self-confidence to develop one of these traits.  To develop all of them at a high level requires a strong faith, and submission, to the One who is all-powerful.  It is only by the grace of Jesus Christ that any of us can develop these character traits.

A meek person is a person that is truly filled with the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, God is guiding his steps which means that God will bless his efforts.  The over-bearing, iron-fisted, evil dictator that our world would represent as the picture of power is what power and authority looks like in hell.  That’s why people who are coerced by satan’s promise of power end up in hell, sentenced to eternal damnation.

Satan’s illusion of power is obviously not true power.  Meekness, as described above, is true power.  God is the source of true power, personified through the life of Jesus Christ.  Jesus, as a human, was meek.  He lived His life to show us how we are to live…and lead.  Jesus was meek, but clearly not weak- He defeated sin, death, and satan in one fell swoop- HIS RESURRECTION!

God bless
Jason Fredrick


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