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It’s Never Too Early, Or Late, To Start Thinking About Changing The World

What is your ‘Change The World’ project?  What is that Big Dream/Purpose that God has placed on your heart?  What is ‘the world’ that you want to change?  I encourage all of you to give some serious thought time to each of these questions.  On Saturday morning, I will be meeting with my Change the World Mastermind Group in Oconomowoc, WI; you are all invited.  Just contact me for details and I will get you the time and location.  All that is required to attend is to have started thinking about the above 3 questions.

My Change the World Project is:  expanding Freedom by sharing truth and leading people into a self-directed leadership education.  My world that I’m working to change is the whole world.  It starts in my own house, by growing my leadership and leading my family.  From there I can impact my community.  That will have an impact on my state.  Which will impact my country.  Which will eventually impact the whole world.

Every Change the World Project must start with self.  If you don’t master and lead yourself, you will never lead anyone else.  If your focus doesn’t start with improving yourself, your influence in the world will be temporary and minimal.  As Orrin Woodward says, “You’re the project!”

Detecting your purpose is what many people struggle with.  Unfortunately, some people will search their whole lives without detecting their God-given purpose.  There are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you get started:  What am I passionate about?  What are some things that really make me angry?  What breaks my heart?  What are my talents and gifts?

My Big Dream is to have JFL Education Solutions and other leadership education providers dominating the global education scene.  It is my dream to see the conveyor belt programming system totally dismantled.  I have a dream that parents will take responsibility for raising and educating their children.  I dream of a world where every man and woman is free to think for him/herself,  and in such a free world people actually choose to exercise that freedom.  My purpose in life is to battle limiting beliefs, and wrong thinking, with truth.  Not in an arrogant and malicious way, but in love.  Truly caring about the person whom God has placed before me.

I hope that you choose to join us on Saturday, Dec. 28,  we need more people who are living on purpose.

God bless
Jason Fredrick
JFL Education Solutions


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