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Finishing Strong

As we approach the final week of October,  what are you running for to finish out 2013?  Do you even remember what your big goal was from January?  The good news is:  it’s not too late.  You have two months left to get focused, or re-focused, on that goal and run your guts out.

Is there a certain book that you absolutely wanted to read this year?  Start it now.  Did you set a big business goal that absolutely scares you?  Dig in and start running for it NOW!  It’s not too late, yet.  In three or four weeks it probably will be, if you don’t dig in right now-today!  There is such a thing as too late.  Start working your guts out today, that’s the best chance you have.  Even if you don’t hit it, you’ll be a lot farther along than if you just give up.  What you do over the course of the next two months will greatly impact what you accomplish in 2014.

2013 is not over yet.  Don’t give up on this year.  Don’t let another year just slip by.  Make the decision, today, that you are going to win.  You are worthy of this victory.  It will only come, though, if you get started.  Start today!  Stop waiting, stop complaining, stop making excuses!  Get to work, go claim your victory!

Jason Fredrick
JFL Education Solutions


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