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Leaders Stand Out

In this day and age, it seems like too many people are content with just showing up to work, collecting their pay check, and going home to spend a riveting evening in front of the t.v.  When was the last time you actually asked your boss for more responsibility at work?  Too often people run from increased responsibility.  Guess what, those who run from responsibility will have wealth running from them, their entire lives.

In our culture it isn’t difficult to stand out.  Take on new challenges and responsibilities at work, and in your personal life.  People will notice.  They may not be happy about it, but they will notice.  Some will criticize you and try to hold you back.  Some will become angry and jealous.  A few will encourage you, and according to Sturgeon’s Law, 10% will follow you, at best.

In a society where ignorance and apathy rule the day, leadership is desperately needed.  Every good employer is looking for leadership.  Our government, at every level- local, state, and national- is sorely lacking leadership.  Our families are wanting for men who will stand up and lead.  All it takes is for one person to make a decision, to stand up and lead.  Lead right from where they are, regardless of title or position.  God has placed each of us exactly where we are for a reason.  It takes purposeful leadership to understand what that reason is.

The biggest hindrance, I see, to leadership is a lack of education in our society.  Everybody gets plenty of schooling, but sadly, few will actually get a real education.  An education doesn’t come from an institution, it comes from within yourself.  It starts with the hunger to learn and grow, and continues with daily reading and listening to educational audio’s.  A real education is self-directed.  Only you can educate you.  What are you reading and listening to everyday?

A self-directed education is the foundation of leadership, because if you’re not learning and growing every day you might not be leading people in a positive direction.  Also, your leadership and influence will be limited without daily study.  If you’re not learning and growing daily, people won’t follow you for very long.  The key to improved leadership skills is a self-directed leadership education.  LIFE Leadership is without question the best in the world.  No other company can even compete.  Join the LIFE community and start living the life you’ve always wanted.

God bless
Jason Fredrick


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