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Developing Young Leaders

I believe most parents truly want their children to grow up and do something great with their life.  The question I have for parents is:  Are you?

Are you living, and pursuing, your God-given purpose every day?
Are you striving to learn and grow every day?
Are you reading every day?

If you want your children to grow into leaders, the world shapers, of tomorrow, you need to be setting the example at home.  Do your children ever see you reading a leadership book?  If you haven’t taken responsibility for your own education, your children will most likely follow your lead as they grow up.  “Do as I say, not as I do,” is not leadership.  What you do will be duplicated, especially by your children.

The biggest failure I see in education today, is PARENTS.  Parents seem to want to turn their kids over to someone else, and wash their hands of the responsibility for their child’s education.  Schools are programming centers.  Very few schools in our country actually educate.  They focus on teaching what to think, not how to think.  “How” to think is much more important.  Your children will not receive that kind of education at a conveyor-belt school.

As a parent, if you are not plugged into a Leadership Education yourself, your children are more likely to grow up to be part of the masses- not one of the leaders.  It is essential to your child’s growth and development to see his parents constantly striving to get better; to learn and grow daily, working hard to really live their mission in life.  If you aren’t already, I would strongly encourage you to get started on your leadership education.  You are worth it.  Your children and this generation desperately need it.  We need you to courageously grow your leadership-ability.

If God blessed you with the gift of children, He has also blessed you with the responsibility of leadership.  Will you answer that call?

Jason Fredrick
JFL Education Solutions


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