The Ripple Effect

Do you ever stop to consider the consequences of your actions?  Have you ever thought about the unseen ramifications of your words?  Both of these questions apply to the positive, as well as the negative.

Negative words and actions don’t just effect you and the person in front of you.  You both carry that negative experience with you when you walk away from each other.  Who are you affecting?  Who is the other guy affecting?  That is your ripple effect.  

When you have a negative experience with someone, your words and actions will impact thousands of lives…literally.  And that’s just the first week.  Think about how many people you cross paths with on a daily basis.  Everybody that you cross paths with,  crosses paths with about that many people as well… and all the people that they cross paths with.  Get the picture?  What if a teenagers suicide was traced all the way back to you?  Because of something mean that you said to someone, in passing, caused that person to say something, which caused the next person to say something, which caused the next person to say something to the teenager.  And that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, for him.

Would you like another example, or do you get the point?  We are all doing exactly that every day.  When you hear about something bad that has happened to someone, do you ever stop to wonder, “How did I contribute to that?”  Because odds are, many of us did.

The good news is that positive has the same ripple effect.  The only difference is that often it takes more positive to have the same impact, as quickly, as negative.  For the next week, smile and say “Hi” to everyone whom you walk past.  Don’t ignore a single person, as best as you can.  You will immediately notice the impact that this has on you.  You probably will never know the impact that this has on the people who cross your path.  Do you think you will ever be responsible for the above scenario if you take this positive approach every day, for the rest of your life?

What if we all stopped waiting for everybody else to be nice first?  What if we actually led, and were positive and uplifting to everyone that we see and talk to?  Does it cost us anything to call a cashier by name?  …to compliment a stranger? …to be courteous to someone?

I know that everyone reading this has the ability to do all of those things, every day.  Who’s going to lead and be a force for good, for the rest of their life?

God bless
Jason Fredrick


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