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Summer Vacation

With summer vacation upon us, are your children done learning for the next three months?  Do you understand how detrimental this is to your children?  There is really no excuse to ever take a break from learning.

Summer vacation is actually a purposeful aspect of the conveyor belt schooling system.  Your children are being taught a lasting lesson through their summer vacations:  Studying is hard and tedious, and you should look for every opportunity to break from it and avoid learning at all costs.

Down time and relaxation are absolutely critical to restoring your mental and emotional reserves.  But there are very few legitimate reasons to ever take a three month hiatus from your education.  Learning is a life-long, year round, activity.  If you are truly educating yourself, you will never be able to take such an extended period of time off from your studies.  Once you allow learning to saturate your heart and soul, studying and learning is just who you are.  You won’t be able to go long periods of time without reading and studying, because those things are who you are, it’s what you do.

I invite you to start your leadership education.

Jason Fredrick
JFL Education Solutions


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