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How We Make A Difference

This is something that has been nagging at me for some time.  That’s the reason why I started JFL Education Solutions.  I want to be a force for good in this world.  I want to impact people’s lives in a positive way.  I want to do whatever I can to empower people to live their purpose.

Sometimes I look at my life, and what I did with my day, and I ask myself, ” Did I do enough today?  Did I make a difference in some body’s life?”  Too many days it seems like the best answer I can give is, “I don’t know.”

Too many days, it doesn’t feel like I did anything to help anybody.  I want that to change.  I want to spend my days pouring into the lives of others.  That is why I offer services to help you get new information into your life, as well as coaching to help you get a fresh perspective on whatever you are struggling with.

I don’t know what your struggles and battles are, but I would love to help you work through them.  I have faced a few in my life; many of which I faced alone.  Not because I didn’t have anybody around me to help me, but because I was too ignorant and prideful to ask for help.  I didn’t understand the power of having someone help me, who could see my situation from a different perspective.  Choosing to face life’s struggles alone is a long, slow, painful journey.  I have learned that it’s much better to use the wisdom and perspective of others to help me learn the lesson quicker, so that I can move from struggle-to-struggle quicker, which allows me to grow faster.

I don’t know what you’re battling right now, but I do know that you don’t have to fight alone.

God bless
Jason Fredrick
JFL Education Solutions  


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