Read In 3’s

Do you ever find yourself struggling to get through a book?  I occasionally run into this problem, but I have incorporated the idea of reading in 3’s to combat this problem.

I find that if I categorize my reading, I can put together a strategy that keeps me interested in what I’m reading.  One category is life (faith, family, finance, fitness, freedom, friends, fun, and following).  Another category is the ‘book of the month’ from my LIFE subscription.  The third category is something specific that I need to work on ( people skills, success thinking, etc.).

As I rotate through the 8 f’s, I pick three books for that specific subject, i.e. faith.  I do the same with the other two categories.  This way I can really focus on growing in an area, without trying to grow and excel at everything all at one time.  This keeps me from getting frustrated and distracted.  Three books seems to be the perfect amount of study for a subject at a time.  I’ve tried as many as five, but that gets to be too many books and too drawn out.  Three books, in three subjects really keeps the learning process moving.  I don’t get bogged down in any area.

I think that’s one of the problems with schooling, it’s too much at a time.  Every day you get pounded with the same subjects over and over.  No wonder why the real lessons being taught in school have nothing to do with the subjects being taught.  Textbook teaching is probably the easiest way around actually teaching.  The children aren’t really learning anything, as much as they are memorizing bullet points (which may or may not be true) to regurgitate on a test.  Textbook teaching does not teach a person how to think.  Textbooks are used to program what people think.  To learn more about the real motives of schooling, I would suggest that you read Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto.

God bless
Jason Fredrick
JFL Education Solutions



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