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Quitting- The Failure’s Game

Quitting is one of the most dangerous habits to develop, and make no mistake-QUITTING is a habit.  I know I personally suffered from the quitting disease much of my life.  I quit baseball and football in high school, I have quit on friendships, I have even quit on past businesses.  I am very familiar with the consequences of quitting.  The biggest problem with quitting, is that once you start it is a very hard habit to break.

Most quitting is a result of not being tough enough to change and grow.  All quitting takes place when someone gets to the edge of their comfort zone and they just aren’t tough enough to push through.  This is usually accompanied by excuses and ridiculous attempts at justification.  Ultimately, quitting is a result of a lack of character.  Because quitting never affects the quitter, alone.  Usually there is a team of people who are let down by the quitter. After all, he made some big promises to lure all those people to get on board with him; now they’re stranded by the cowardice of the quitter.

Another group that gets hurt by the quitter is the group that remains on the outside, secretly hoping that he succeeds.  Once the quitter quits, he has stolen all hope of a better life from these people.  Now all the reasons they gave for not joining the quitter are justified.  And worst of all, next time somebody presents them with a great opportunity, they will look back at the quitter and let another opportunity slip by.  Every time another one goes by they will become more and more cynical and bitter.  Quitting has a massive ripple effect.

There are a few ways to insulate yourself from this disease:
First, develop a strong relationship with the Lord.  Many of our failures come from listening to the lies that  satan whispers in our ears.  Read God’s Word and pray daily.  This is the best way to understand what God’s purpose is for your life.  This is the only way to stay on the path which He has laid before you.  This will also help you build the faith to trust that God will honor your commitment.  Trust that He has allowed these obstacles in your life to hone you into the person you need to become to fulfill His plan for you.

Second, never quit anything without talking to someone successful first.  Counseling with someone further along the journey than you will help you from making the mistake of a lifetime.  He can see that you are actually on the one-yard line.  All you have to do is keep pushing and you’ll be in the end zone.  The worst part about quitting is that all the sacrifice, hard work, and investment is gone.  It was all for nothing, once you quit.

Third, what else do you have?  Once you quit, you have to start all over again.  If you have invested years into something, once you quit you have to start something brand new all over again- starting at square one.  If you quit something amazing, like the LIFE business, what are the odds that you will ever find something again?  We’re not promised unlimited opportunities in this life.  Every time we waste an opportunity, the odds have become greater against us, that we will ever accomplish anything significant with our life.

The most dangerous part about quitting is, what will you quit on next:  your marriage, your kids?  Get some guts and play the man!

God bless
Jason Fredrick


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