Activity Creates Relevance

Reading good books and listening to educational cd’s is essential to success, in anything; but if we stop there we will never experience success.  The whole purpose of those tools is to inspire us to action.  If we spend years learning theory and how-to’s of leadership and business, but never get into action, we won’t accomplish anything.  Ultimately, the only way to succeed is to get off your butt and do something.

I have noticed throughout my leadership career that I get the most out of my studies when I’m working hard at my business.  Once you get into activity the books and cd’s really start to make sense.  Activity allows you to pull more out of your studies because activity expands your capacity.  Once you start doing, you quickly find out how much of your reading and listening you’re actually retaining.  Activity is ultimately where we learn.  This is the step where we find out how well we understand what the books and cd’s are teaching.  There is nothing quite so frustrating as to know what to do and how to do it, but not get any results because you’re not out applying that “knowledge”.
If you’re paying for an education, you are wasting your money if you’re not applying what you’re learning to your life out in the real world.  The saddest thing that I see in my business is people who will buy educational materials every month, but they won’t use them.  Whether they refuse to read or to listen to cd’s.  Money is wasted if you won’t dig in and learn what the materials have to offer.
Nothing creates relevance for knowledge like activity.  Keep reading, keep listening, and keep associating; but don’t forget to apply all that learning.  One of the saddest lives lived is that of the theorist.  He has all the knowledge of how to win, he just lacks the courage to fight for his victory.  Be courageous, get to work, and go claim your victory!
God bless
Jason Fredrick

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