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Freedom Loses Another Battle?

The election is over, the results are in.  The majority of Americans have voted for less freedom and more governmental interference in the lives of American citizens.  Why do you think a nation would elect a president that hates their nation?  As President Obama continues his war on Christianity and keeps dishing out hand-outs to the takers in society freedom is stumbling backwards into obscurity.

We all have two options at this point:  wait and see what happens over the next four years, or make the decision, right now, to fight harder for freedom than you ever have in your life.

The choice should be obvious.  If we all sit around and wait to see what happens, in four years freedom will only be a memory.  Now is the time to take a stand.  It won’t be easy, but our children and grand-children need us- right now!  Over the next four years it will be very difficult to become an entrepreneur,  but we must.  We each need to fight that battle, and succeed.  It is important now, more than ever, to get involved in your local, county, and state government.  We need people who understand and love freedom to rise to positions of influence in society.

One true beacon of hope that I see is the LIFE Leadership Community.  Nobody is banding together entrepreneurs and leaders like LIFE.  If you truly love freedom, now is the time to get in the pool.  Stop watching, and join the LIFE Community!  The future of freedom may depend on it.

God bless
Jason Fredrick


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