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True Learning

Are you like me, in that you really love the learning process?  I can’t get enough of it.  I am truly addicted to learning.  I love reading, I love listening to audios on various topics, and my greatest love of all is teaching.  There are few challenges greater than trying to inspire a group of people, of any age, to truly want to learn and educate themselves.

I believe that there are only two ways to really learn something:  1. Apply the new information in your life.  2. Teach it to someone else.

Applying new information into your own life has to be the first step.  If you’re not doing what you’re teaching you are a hypocrite and only a theorist.  After all, what’s the point of gathering new information if you’re not going to do anything with it.  You’ll only sound smart until people take a closer look at your life.  The application process is really where learning begins.  It’s when you start applying that new information into your life that you really begin to understand what the books and Cd’s are trying to teach you. You’ll fail at first.  Since you’re doing something new and uncomfortable your words won’t come out quite right and your timing probably won’t be that great, either.  But if you have the courage to keep at it, you will get better.  Your life will improve as you hone that skill and continue to practice it.

Teaching is the ultimate in learning.  Teaching always reveals to me how much more I have to learn on a given subject, as well as how much I need to improve my communication and presentation skills.  No matter how well I think I know a subject, teaching it always reveals areas for improvement.  My favorite part of teaching is sharing knowledge and information with people who are hungry to learn and grow.  I have never had a teaching session where I didn’t learn as much from the students as they learned from me.  I love how their questions force me to think and evaluate my own thoughts- why do I think the way I think?  I strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of every teachable moment that presents itself throughout your week. Sometimes you’ll be the teacher, sometimes you’ll be the student.  Be prepared to be whichever the situation calls for, many times you’ll probably be both.

God bless
Jason Fredrick


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