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Pre-Emptive Strike

Tuesday night at our Challenge Group the topic was Conflict Resolution.   The above video isn’t the exact video we watched on Tuesday, but it is Orrin Woodward talking about conflict resolution.

At our Challenge Group meeting, the thought of the night came from a huge leader from Wisconsin- Dave Hall.  “Start every conversation with an affirmation.”

How would every relationship in our life change if we started applying that idea every day?  Do you think doing that could eliminate a lot of the conflicts that come up every day?   Think of someone that you are in constant conflict with, when was the last time you affirmed something that they do well?

Let’s start building up the people in our lives so we are easier to be around.  Let’s make conflict resolution something that only needs to take place in extreme cases; not something that has to happen on a daily basis.

God bless
Jason Fredrick


2 thoughts on “Pre-Emptive Strike

  1. Great informtion. The video is super and the comment by Dave is worth remembering and using. I should have read this about 2 hours ago


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