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Time Thieves

Have you ever noticed that there are a million things to distract you once you decide to start living life on purpose?  There can be absolutely nothing going on in life, and then you make that fateful decision: You’re going to start doing something meaningful with your life.  All of a sudden everybody wants to be your best friend, they all have demands that, now, they want to make on your life.  Everybody and their brother has a job offer for you.  It seems like every time you turn around somebody wants you to join some kind of league.  More opportunities become available at work, but it means more hours at work.

None of these things are bad in, and of themselves.  But the timing of all of these “opportunities” is no coincidence.  Once you make the decision to live intentionally, all of these distractions and more will come your way.  Satan and the world don’t want you to be intentional.  They want you to continue going along with the crowd;  they don’t want you thinking and asking questions.  They certainly don’t want you pursuing your God-given purpose.

The key is to recognize these detractors and time-burglars.  You need to have your mission clearly defined and written down.  Every decision you make needs to measured against your mission statement.  Will this move you closer to accomplishing your goal, or is it taking you further away from it?  You need to be prepared to deal with the anger and hurt feelings that will result when you choose to not live out the demands everyone else places on your life.  Stay focused on your purpose.  If you are truly living for God, what anyone else thinks doesn’t really matter.  If you place anyone else’s opinion of you, and your life, ahead of God’s, you have just made that person an idol in your life.  If you are truly going to live the First Commandment: Thou shall have no other gods; then nobody and nothing else are more important than God’s mission for your life.

Be on guard.  Time burglars are sneaky and often wear disguises.  Don’t be distracted for hours on end reading emails that ultimately have no value in your life.  Don’t let your life waste away in front of the TV.  Live your life, not vicariously through some fictional character.  Movies, video games, chit-chatting on the phone, sports leagues, parties, even family time can be a time-burglar if you allow it distract you at a time when you should be working.  Schedule your work times.  When you are to be working at your purpose, then get to work.  Schedule time for those other things so that they don’t get in the way when it’s time to work.  Let people know what your mission in life is.  Who knows maybe some of those burglars will become allies in the fight.

God bless
Jason Fredrick


2 thoughts on “Time Thieves

  1. Thank you for this reminder. It is so easy to let the little daily responsibiities get in the way of what is really important. Thank you for reminding to set my priorities and stick with that list.


  2. This is a great reminder, especially as one becomes more successful. The demands on our lives are great, but it is only the demands of One(God) that counts.


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