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Something Different

With this post I would like to try something a little different.  I would like you,the readers of my blog to write this article.  I will ask a question and I’d like you to write the article by contributing to the conversation through your commets.

What is your favorite way to start a conversation with a stranger, or to make a new friend?

God bless
Jason Fredrick


2 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. I have been able to easily start a conversation with strangers by giving them a compiment. I compliment them on something they are wearing or something I overheard them say. from there the conversation can go to where they purchased that item and if they shop ther often or if the article has a special meaning to them. this often leads to talking about their family and goes on from there.


  2. That's a great insight. It's so easy to not pay attention to people. What a great point that just paying attention to people and being ready to compliment whatever jumps out at you can start a conversation that can lead anywhere.


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