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Life’s Not Fair

I find it interesting that we are all born with a sense of fairness in us.  How many people do you hear complain, everyday, “That’s not fair!”  If you’re around kids it’s guaranteed to come out at some point.  Regardless of age everybody knows when something isn’t fair.

My question for you is, “Aren’t you glad that life’s not fair?  Do you really want what you deserve?”

I would caution  you about answering those questions too quickly.  Think about the implications of each.

“Aren’t you glad that life’s not fair?”:
If life was fair Jesus Christ would never have been seperated from God, coming to earth to live as a man. He didn’t deserve that.  It wasn’t fair that He should be ridiculed and mocked by men trusting in their own thoughts and deeds.  It wasn’t fair that the Son of God should have to be subject, as a man,  to the ridicule and temptation of Satan.  It wasn’t fair that He should have to endure torture and crucifixion for the sins of every single person that has ever, or will ever, walk the earth.  It wasn’t fair that He should have to pay the price for sin, since He never sinned.  The one Man who lived His entire life without sinning was punnished for all the sin that ever was or will be.  That’s not fair!  Praise God, that our sinful world is not fair!

Do you really want what you deserve?
After that perspective on fairness, what’s your answer to this question?  Is it different than it was just a minute ago?  If we all actually got what we deserve, life would be pretty miserable.  After all, that is what we deserve.  We deserve constant pain and suffering.  Nothing should be easy.  If we truly got what we deserve our best efforts wouldn’t amount to anything.  What we deserve is eternal punishment and death in hell.  That is all that any us deserves!

Aren’t you glad that by the grace of God life isn’t fair and we don’t get what we deserve?  Thanks to Jesus’ selfless sacrifice on the cross we won’t get what we deserve; instead we will spend eternity in Heaven with our heavenly Father.  What a blessing to have such a merciful Father!

Life’s not fair.  Praise the Lord!

God bless
Jason Fredrick


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