It’s Time To Get Back Into Shape

I have decided that it is time to once again get serious about my fitness.  Ever since I stopped playing softball and baseball 3 years ago, I have really struggled with my motivation to commit to a fitness plan.  I have definitely paid the price.  I am the fattest I have ever been in my life, 5’8″ and 203 lbs.  My goal weight is 188lbs. (+/- 3lbs.).

I have two areas that I am really struggling with: 1. Eating.  I eat too many candy bars and drink too much soda.  2.  Exercise.  I have struggled over the last 3 years to consistently work out and truly commit to staying fit.

I’m not even talking about getting wripped and looking like a fitness model.  I’m talking about getting rid of the gut that I have developed so that I pinch the fat on my stomach when I bend over to tie my shoes.  With my son, Andrew, being born 7 weeks ago it’s time to get serious about getting back into shape.  I don’t want my lack of fitness to hinder the enjoyment of my time with him.  I want to be able to play with him and keep up with him as he grows and becomes one big ball of energy.

I am writing this here because I would like to be accountable to you, my audience, and hopefully my progress will inspire you to begin your own fitness journey.  There is one cd you may want to get to help you with this, LIFE 14: Define, Learn, Do of Fitness(Mark Paul)/Don’t Be A Processed Person (Jenn Paul).  Here’s my plan:

Sleep: 6-8 hours every night.  Get out of bed at 6am Mon.-Sat.
Diet:  Eat every 3-4 hours.  No high-fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated/partially- hydrogenated oils  (read food labels.).  Sunday cheat day, eat whatever I want.
Workout plan:
     Monday AM- Weights
     Tuesday AM- Run
     Tuesday PM- Weights
     Wednesday AM- Run
     Thursday AM- Weights
     Friday AM- Run
     Friday PM- Weights

Many of you probably hate getting up in the morning and definitely don’t want to to work out.  I’m with you, I hate getting up early.  But I have found that working out first thing in the morning is the most effective use of my time.  Plus I don’t have all day to think of an excuse why I shouldn’t work out today.  I promise you, afer two or three weeks into this type of program you will have alot more energy all day.  It will be rewarding if you stay disciplined and keep at it.  I know I’m going to.  That’s my commitment to you.

God bless
Jason Fredrick


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