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You Get What You Give

Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  The obvious meaning of this command is to love everyone that we come in contact with unconditionally.  But I beleive that there is an even deeper meaning to this simple command.  In this statement Jesus shares with us the most profound relationship principle in life:  People treat you the way that you treat them.

This may seem obvious, but I don’t think people really undersand the impact of this principle in life.  How we treat others communicates to them how we want to be treated.  It’s easy to just blame people for being jerks or for being negative and critical, but those people aren’t necessarily like that with everybody.  When you have a relationship problem in life, maybe you need to stop flooding the market with your words and shut up long enough to listen.  How people are treating you is a pretty good indication of how you are treating them.

Who are your three most negative relationships?  What is your attitude towards them?  The next time you are around these people pay attention to your thoughts, words, and mannerisms.  Are your thoughts, words, and actions positive or negative?  Are you loving your neighbor as yourself?  I challenge you to be the one to change.  When you’re around these people be the positive one.  Be a good finder and encourage each of them the next time you are with them and see what happens.  Nothing can change in these relationships until you start communicating to them how you want to be treated.  After all, they’re just duplicating.

Now, who are your  three most positive relationships?  What’s the difference in these relationships from the three from above?  Think about what it is that makes these relationships so great.  How are they different from your negative relationships?  What role do you play in these quality relationships?

A big key to finding some of your blind spots is to continually analyze the relationships in your life.  Pay attention to how people are responding to you and treating you.  This is a big indication of how you are making other people feel.  If people are constantly criticizing you, stop being so critical.  If people are constantly talking at you, try listening for a change.  If everybody around you is completely self-centered, get over yourself and start serving others.  It really is that easy to figure out why some people don’t like you.  The only question is: Will you change or blame?

God bless
Jason Fredrick


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