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LIFE Leadeship: Champion Training

Have you ever felt like you were made to do something great (significant) with your life?  Have you gone down some rabbit trails in life, pursuing your purpose, only to find out that that wasn’t the path to living your purpose?

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of those questions, I know how you feel.  The world throws so much at us that we have no idea what our vehicle is to live our passion and pursue our God-given purpose.  When I was 22 I started my first business.  I thought that was the route to freedom. I thought that was my purpose.  I still have a burning passion for business, I love starting businesses and helping existing businesses improve and move toward greatness.  I found out that landscaping and carpentry weren’t my passion- positively affecting people’s lives, is.

In September 2007, my friend Dan Jaeger introduced me to Orrin Woodward’s Leadership TEAM.  I had no idea that such an incredible group of men and women existed.  I truly owe him a life debt for pulling me out of my complacency and mediocrity.  At just 30 years old, I had settled in.  My life revolved around sports on T.V., sports leagues, movies, and T.V. shows.  When LIFE Leadership came into my life it was exactly what I was looking for, it was exactly what I needed.  I had been given a vehicle to truly live my God-given purpose.  That started my self-directed education.

LIFE Leadership is a place where you can cultivate the champion that is already inside of you.  Being a part of a community of encouragers and up-lifters has absolutely revolutionized my life.  I could spend a hundred pages telling you about every blessing I have been given through involvement in the LIFE training systemLeadership training has, without a doubt, put me on the path which God had chosen for me long before I was born.  Going through this process of growth and development has sparked another passion within me, Learning.  I will be a student for the rest of my life because I have truly fallen in love with learning.  I believe that studying and learning is what ultimately leads to new experiences in life, which in turn lead to a more fulfilling life.

Learning how to learn has helped me to get serious about studying God’s Word.  I understand how to logically have my own Bible study.  Both scheduling time for it, as well as, understanding how to study the Bible to get the most out of it.  After all, God’s Word is the map and compass for our lives.  It’s the instruction manual given to us by our Creator.  Doesn’t it make sense to study it and learn from it daily?

Ultimately what will make you a champion is victories.  Not to say that you’re not a champion if you experience losses.  We all experiences losses, that’s how we learn and grow.  Losing is a key component to becoming a Champion.  What makes you a champion is the persistence to lose long enough to win.  If you will plug into the LIFE education system and make the commitment to yourself to never quit- you will be a champion.  Welcome to your LIFE of Excellence.

God bless
Jason Fredrick


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