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It’s Time To Prepare for LIFE

With the launch of LIFE (Living Intentionally For Excellence) just weeks away, the time to get into action is now!  There will never be a better time to run harder than right now.  If you are anything like me and have struggled to get any kind of traction over the last couple of years, IT’S TIME.  LIFE is what I partnered with TEAM for in Sept. 2007.  LIFE didn’t even exist yet, but this is what I got started for.

For anyone who joined the TEAM for leadership trainging and an opportunity to bless the lives of people they love, this is what you have been waiting for.  This is what I’ve been waiting for.  With the advent of LIFE there can be no confusion about what business we’re in.  We are Community Building!  Our “content” has become so intertwined with “community” that you can’t focus on one without the other.  This solves a lot of the problems that have existed in the past where people would come into our business and get distracted by a product.  We are not a community of salesmen and women.  We are a community of leaders and LIFE coaches.  Our product has always been changed lives.  With LIFE there is no longer any confusion about that.

Community always has, and always will, drive content.  This is a difficult concept for most people to understand.  If you focus on “content” and selling a product you will never have a big community.  You will have another job.  If you focus on “community” more product will flow through your business than you could ever hope to sell on your own.  Welcome to the “B” Quadrant.

Start building your community and go get your Freedom!

God bless,
Jason Fredrick


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